Introducing %fund

A sovereign tool for crypto-economic activity in the world of atoms

Welcome to the %fund application documentation. While we aim for the initial experience with %fund to be self-explanatory through intuitive UX flows and an informative UI, %fund is not just a doomscrolling consumer product, but a powerful tool for sovereign crypto-economic activity. Depending on how you want to make use of this tool we are providing, it may serve you well to read this documentation and become a proper power user.

In short, there are three roles you may play in the %fund product:

Each of these roles come with with their own benefits and obligations. If you have any questions not answered in this documentation, feel free to reach out at or join our group on urbit.

Installing %fund

If you already have an urbit, it is straightword to install %fund for the first time. Just login to your urbit and on your homepage (aka %landscape) click the top navigation where it says "Get Apps".

Where it says "Browse by Developer ID or Shortcode", type in ~tocwex, wait a moment for your urbit to connect to our distribution point, and then click the entry for "Fund."

The application will download and you should have the app tile available on your homepage shortly.

Or, if you are comfortable in the dojo, just run:

|install ~tocwex %fund

If you don't have an urbit yet, see our page on getting an urbit.

NOTICE: %fund is currently in mainnet beta. We will continue rolling out additional features over the coming weeks and months. If you encounter an issue, first "give it a second" and then refresh the page. If that doesn't properly update your state, please let us know and we will help you fix your issue. If you are so inclined, please also feel free to submit an issue on GitHub. For details about the smart contracts backing this application, read the this page on security and sovereignty.

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